VG-AnyLan (VG =Voice Grade) is a joint development of AT&T Microelectronics, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM and is standardized by the newly created IEEE. VG-AnyLAN is a star topology. The maximum amount of repeaters (HUBs) in one network is five. The maximum length of a complete network depends on the. Overview. VG-AnyLAN is a new network technology, defined by the IEEE standard, for transmitting Ethernet/IEEE and token ring/IEEE

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Bridges — What is Bridges? Types of Data Transmission.

After that a 5B6B encoding scheme is responsible for putting the 5 bit quintets into 6 bit symbols. What is a Optical Fibers? Bluetooth – What is Bluetooth? Any device wishing to transmit first sends a request to its hub. These drivers ship with the NICs, and are standardized. This is done a boot time. This article is based on material taken from the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing prior to 1 November and incorporated under the “relicensing” terms of the GFDLversion 1.

Cables are discussed below.

The physical layer requires four twisted pairs of “voice-grade” cabling for a link, so category 3 cables or better can be used. When the hub gets such a request, it will allow the “High Priority” traffic to be sent before any of the lower priority traffic.


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Although it is completely different from Ethernet and Token Ring access protocols, the details are all 100vf care of in the software drivers that the customer loads on workstations and servers. This maximizes network efficiency, eliminates network collisions and token rotation delays.


An example for 4 pair UTP is given below:. What is Data Transmission?

llan As the token passed by a ready hub port, it would then open up traffic to that node. What is the difference between computer networks and network communications? Types of transmission media.

See Figure Two for an example of how this is done. This saves the customer the expense of rewiring the building – which in many cases can be far higher than the cost of the equipment used to make a VG-AnyLAN network. This way 3 levels can be made. This is called Link Training.

VG-AnyLAN Basics

This makes BaseVG an inherently half-duplex medium like e. While control signaling uses two pairs for ahy direction simultaneously, all four pairs are switched to a single direction during data transmission, anh required and defined during control signaling.

The top level HUB root is called level 1 and every step down adds a level. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This makes it possible for time-critical applications such as real-time video to get a guaranteed support. Hubs may be cascaded up to three 3 deep.

BaseVG – Wikipedia

What is transmission Baseband? Another faction wanted to change to a polling architecture from the hub they called it ” Demand Priority Protocol ” in order to maintain the 10BASE-T distances, and also to make it a deterministic protocol. That way, high priority traffic can’t “hog” the available speed of qny network. It is not that simple as it appears. DPA also has a provision for High Priority traffic.

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Demand priority is a methode where the station send a request demand to the HUB to send packet across the network. Characteristics of Digital Signal Optical Fibers: This network topology is very useful in cases where individual users don’t require a lot of bandwidth, but segmenting the network is needed to prevent a large number of users from causing congestion. The HUB scans its ports in a round-robin fasioned way.


With Category 5 cable, it is rated at a distance of feet. What is the difference between Wi-Fi vs.

What is Parity Check? Now, if someone wishes to speak, he first raises his hand and waits to be recognized. The first faction argued that, since IEEE All of the hubs in the network negotiate among themselves and schedule a time when they will allow the transmission to take place. Ethernet Expansion What is Ethernet Frame? After saying what happened, and answering any questions, the discussion can return to farm subsidies.

The end result is that the network’s speed is used more efficiently, since bandwidth is not going to be taken up by collisions and retransmitions of data. The reason for this is clock synchronization for the receiver circuitry, and it adds an easy way for error checking. Returning to our meeting example, let’s say that the House is discussing a mundane topic such as farm subsidies and all of a sudden the Navy is attacked by aliens from Space. The request has two possible priorities; normal and high.

A Made IT project http: Broadband versus Baseband What is Ethernet? This scheme may seem to be cumbersome and inefficient, but it is not.