It was all about Ovvaiyaar’s Aathichudi (ஒளவையாரின் . Venkatesan said Ineed Aathichudi full meaning thanks for your help. Avvaiyar’s Aathichudi. Uploaded by ezhilan . Documents Similar To Avvaiyar’s Aathichudi. Thirukkural with meaning. Uploaded by. வினோத்.

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These two sets combine but tamizh used a bold word called “punarchi” meaning intercourse to develop sounds on the combinations. Now I am 35 years old, and I have spent all these years without understanding the basic morals.

I appreciate the sincerity in your effort but it has to be correct and complete.

Please change the meaning for iyalvathu karavel. The meaning of iyalvathu karaval is you should give what ever you are able to give and not that things that you aathichusi need.

Basically they are of two sets. There are so many things to explore Can u help me in getting the old song “Arithu arithu Manidapiravi kidaithal arithu Read what this great Old lady has given and the greatness of Thamizh.


Dear Raj, Congrats for ur efforts.

Auvaiyaar’s Aathisoodi Translated into English | Indiegogo

Had to use this for my son’s work. For non tamilians it is really very helpful n easy to understand. Even if you think so, no issues. This is a great work. But later one thing stuck me purely reminded aarhichudi someone saying something in a meeting.

Do support and comment. Your translation makes aathichoodi more relevant to non-tamil people also. In thamizh we have to sets of alphabets one is called uyir “soul” and the next is called “mei” body. And Aathichdi went back to my school days to try and get Aathichudi.

Should be propagated in all available social network. As other too have mentioned, it indeed helped me understand the poem very well I searched the meaning for Aathichudi to teach 3rd grader and this the only one with meaning.

I hope you love the below without any controversy. Eagerly awaiting meanings for “mei ezhuthu” also. The first reaction was, crazy buggers, they have not let this one go to. I request you to revisit everything and appreciate again for your efforts.


Avvaiyar aathichudi in tamil with meaning PDF download

She teaches Thamizh with morals. Get along with the world. Please do not treat me as a Thamizh Maniac.

While all languages teach alphabets with some objects like A for Apple, B for Boy etc. Apologies if you find the meaning wrong.

Aathichudi onbooks, Avvaiyar aathichudi tamil ebooks |

While doing so am trying to translate a few as I can. My intent is to say how the ancient Thamizh culture instilled morality into our system.

Hope you had got something out of this. It just occurred to me and am just penning it down.