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I cannot repair laptops for you via the internet, I ao443 only answer questions related to posts. Without knowing the actual circuit they’re going in, datasheeg is just an educated guess.

The time now is Unfortunately, I only found the “cause” in the process of confirming its destruction CMOS Technology file 1. HP Pavilion DV will not power up. Hi all, I have a HP G laptop here that is totally dead. Replace latching relay with Mosfet 7.

Well, I started ohm-metering the 8-pin SMT chips around the socket, and comparing it with the datasheets I could find. Could this be the problem? HP G Dead If those are shorted you have to replace them datashwet only one for new ones. Thanks for the response, I Will get an ao out of another board if I can find one and post my results. Dual N chanel mosfet each type could substitute as long as same type even with different daatsheet code.


AO Datasheet (PDF Download) 5/5 Page – Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc.

You can use AO or AO instead […]. Or at least, the culprit. Newer Post Older Post Home. Any tips on how to test them? Measuring air gap of a magnetic core for home-wound inductors and datahseet transformer 7. Make user the DC jack is not loose or broken by measurring for current pass the DC jack.

That’s the best way and more easy. HP G Dead That’s right. Posted by Hoosier Newman at 5: Others P chanel examples: The diode test on pu fails With some training, it’s not that complex to repair most problems.

AO datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits P-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor

Mayo Hardware Tue May 03, Mayo Hardware Wed Feb 16, With the number of balls under the chip, it is difficult to get it enough heat evenly before scorching the topside of the GPU essentially damaging it. So you get a complete catalog of various FETS at different ratings in amperage, voltage, and configurations. Find More Posts by gabik I have found what I think are the equivalent parts on the mobo. Originally Posted by barry. If there is no resistance that component is shorted.

Hi Lindasy and thanks for the kind words. Hierarchical block is unconnected 3.

Torn completely down, same thing. Laptop only works on charged battery. Check the FL1 filter first. If the power is too low, it will not charge.


(PDF) AO4433 Datasheet download

Press power button short to ground then 3. The time now is This also accounts for incorrect power supplies not working or able to turn on particular models. datwsheet

Find More Posts by mattbrad2. Common problem with these models.

AO4433L Datasheet

Looks like part no It tent to lose contact over time. With out this power the device won’t display or not able to load boot up process. You can also download the datasheet if need to print out. Just trying to help a4o433 see things a little clearer. Thanks for the thread.

The are standard voltage for sensor each Charger ic. The parts are labeled When no flux is used, the solder may not ‘jump over’ and make contact with board, or jump from board to GPU.

Dell Latitude D no power fix. Just a quick note to say my original issue with the HP G was resolved by fitting those new parts. PNP transistor not working 2.

Check them first, then work your way back toward the DC jack.