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Ari Galper Home Ari Galper. Wri Galper What people are saying about R It is a selling method that I wish was around when I began my sales career. It has had an immediate impact on our ability to engage new customers, beginning from cold calling which is now a breeze all the way through the sales cycle.

All I can think of is the knot in my frree that I always felt when making a cold call. Your method to end pressure has opened up new doors for me.

Your Reverse Selling way galpet cold calling keeps me centered and fre. I no longer have to shift into an artificial role when I call someone new. This book may not be reproduced or transmitted electronically or in any other manner without the express written authorization of the author.

When you cold call do you fear being rejected? No matter how successful you are, you want to improve your sales and also feel good about yourself. Most buyers and sellers perceive cold calling as a pressure, tension and rejection-filled sales activity.

You can change this perception with a new cold calling approach. The Reverse Selling Waytm advocates ease and grace. You will discover that connecting with new people is as natural as having coffee with a friend.

This book teaches a gracious approach, designed to keep you relaxed and your prospective client from feeling pressured. We frree ask all the right questions, but the answers we receive may not be completely truthful because of the pressure our ark client feels. If prospective clients are not comfortable with the way you sell, they will have difficulty arii what you sell.

Reverse Selling is a mindset based on the principles of integrity and empathy. It transforms the buyer and seller adversarial role into a natural and human interaction.

It also exposes our own behaviors that trigger pressure within our prospective clients. In the two main sections of this book, you gapler first learn the Reverse Selling Mindsettm: Then you will learn the Reverse Selling Languagetm: So, turn the page and learn this easy but effective way to start a conversation with someone new, without creating sales pressure.

Not on your prospective client, but on YOU! And before you even pick up the phone! Think about what goes through your mind. What are you hoping for?

You are automatically assuming, since you believe that your product or service can solve a problem, the person you are going to call should consider what you have to offer.


It has nothing to do with the situation of your prospective client. Cold calling, the Reverse Selling Way, is not about your hopes and expectations. It is about the hopes and expectations of your prospective client.

We hope when we call someone, it will lead to a sale. This thinking only leads to random successes and consistent disappointments. This mindset is triggered by the notion that cold calling requires an aggressive temperament, acceptance of rejection, and sheer determination to close a sale. This macho approach conjures up a James Bond image. Rejection is not normal with the Reverse Selling Mindset, it is abnormal. Take Your Next Step.

The Reverse Selling Mindset advocates a shift in thinking. It is based on not having any expectations when you make your cold call. Having no expectations clears your mind and creates a larger window of opportunity to create an environment of open conversation.

There is a good chance that when you call, they may not have a need, budget, or a decision-making process for your product or service. Look at your cold call not as a means to a sale, but as a means to create an environment to help your prospective client share with you the truth about his or her needs.

Ari Galper – Creator of Unlock The Game | | Basic Bananas

Begin to breathe a sigh of relief. Own the Reverse Selling Mindset and you will learn to cold call without creating pressure. Of course, you still want to increase your sales ratio, but with Reverse Selling, it cannot be accomplished with your needs in mind.

You sound like a sales person. When prospective clients hear phrases that trigger the image of a sales person, what happens? You know what happens—they become defensive and retreat with rejection-filled phrases like: What is happening in this very brief interaction? You are kindly asking for assistance. You are not pushing to galprr anything. You are simply asking for help. When people are asked for help, what happens?

Think about your reaction. When someone asks you for help, my guess is, most of you would consider helping someone in need. This brief, yet pressure-free approach immediately begins to create curiosity and diffuse the buyer and seller role. It softens galpeer approach and begins to humanize the conversation.

You are doing exactly the reverse of what traditional sales people do. This phrase immediately differentiates you from every other sales call your prospective client has probably received that gqlper. The next phrase you say may be galer of the following: They focus strictly on a potential problem that the prospective client might be experiencing.

What is missing from these phrases?

Even your name is not important at this time. Your name is not relevant unless your prospective client asks you.

Ari Galper

What is relevant is the focus of their potential needs that you may or may not be able to solve. What is the message behind these phrases?

The message is that you are simply calling to investigate the possibility that there may be a need in the company that you might be able to help them with. You are not trying to sell something or even assume they need what you have. This is important because these phrases help your prospective client begin to feel that you are not making assumptions about his or her needs.


You are not being a sales person. The Reverse Selling Language is based on creating a conversation, not delivering a pitch. Now is the time to briefly explain, what problems your product or service can help solve. Here are some examples: They are not a pitch of your product or service.

Unlock the Sales Game (Audiobook) by Ari Galper |

The only way to engage with your prospective client is to focus on problems that you can solve. Help your prospective client feel comfortable sharing his or her issues and watch the cold call turn into a conversation.

Now, keep in mind, no approach is perfectly effective every time. You may find someone who has been so turned off by sales aro in the past that he or she is hypersensitive to any new person calling.

These types of prospective clients need extra handholding and graciousness. They steer away from the notion of going for the sales close. You will find yourself more relaxed, which automatically puts your prospective client more at ease. When you have a brief but relaxed conversation with your prospective client, he or she will be intrigued with what you have to say.

The prospective client could most likely say: Why were these phrases triggered? Of course, keep in mind that there will never be any pressure at any time. You are asking your prospective client how he or she would like to proceed. Notice, you are also creating reassurance that you will not apply sales pressure. This lets your prospective client feel a sense of control. Remember, your goal is not to close the sale during your first call.

Your goal is to open the conversation so your prospective client can let you know how they would like to proceed in the buying process, not the sales process.

Then you can reply with: What might make sense is if I can customize the information for you based on exactly what your needs are…does that make sense? The message is that it makes no sense to send out information until you better understand exactly what their needs are.

You can only be effective when you converse in a non-aggressive, low-key, nurturing voice. If you are intense or over-confident, you will sound aggressive and can easily trigger an adversarial relationship. Hopefully, you are warm and nurturing, so they feel drawn to you. Most people are drawn to others who diffuse pressure, not create it.

Deliver the Reverse Selling Language in a relaxed manner and watch the cold call turn into a conversation.