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The eye of knowledge of each of you has now opened. This age of celebrating a meeting is said to be the age of the flying stage.

Would you say “my body”? Whatever you receive is fine.

BK Murli Today – 31 December 2018

From satopradhan, you have become tamopradhan and you have to become satopradhan once again. Your knowledge is completely incognito.

What is the way to remain constantly full of the jewels of knowledge? It is in this age that the Father comes to teach you. This too is something to understand.

Therefore, there would definitely be growth. These classes are a revision of Baba’s Murlis. Even if as a consequence of the karmic accounts of the past births, there is some illness of the body or even if the mind is in conflict with the sanskars of other souls, a karmateet soul would not be influenced by the suffering kumaros karma, but would be a master and enable the account to be settled.


Become a point and remember the Father, the Point. There is a very big temple to Shiva, but the temple to Krishna is not as big. According to the time, always remember three words — introverted antarmukhiavyakt and alokik. Do you have that right now? To become an instrument is to have a daiily. Baba continues to explain to you in many different ways.

You children used to have so many fasts and disciplines etc.

Daily Murlis – Brahma Kumaris

There would not be the feeling, belongingness, unity, and experience of the divine family. This will serve as ‘food for thought’ throughout the day. It is the children who love their Father. Take us brahmma to our sweet home of Bharat. If you told an eminent person directly that he was an impure resident of hell, he would get very upset.

The first thought you had was: May you be seated on your seat of self-respect and give respect to all and thereby be respected by all.

You should talk about such things among yourselves and you will remain very happy. You now understand what those people are doing. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Mera baba mitha baba payri baba shiv baba happiness om shanti Like Like. Therefore, at this time, you should renounce all other desires.

This world is only going to last for a short time. The Father will then send you to heaven.

Brahmakumaris Murli

The wealthy as well as the poor can dqily on that. Therefore, you receive less fruit. Your garden is being hrahma in an incognito way. Please pay attention to this point, churn it throughout the day and tour around the subtle region. Therefore, since the Father has taught you the easy account of the mkrli, any bondage of the body has ended.

  K - TEK MT5000 PDF

You must not have any interest in anything. Only by having yoga will you be pulled. Notify me of new comments via email. You, too, explain this, numberwise, according to the effort you make. Come and we will sit in remembrance of our Baba. Although some adopt the costume of Krishna and say that they have come to establish heaven, they cannot say that they also established heaven years ago.

There is the Shiva Temple and people also celebrate the birthday of Shiva, but no one knows how He comes in Bharat. When the people of Bharat are returning dily abroad, they say: Sweet children, here, you are in exile. Remain distant from the five vices.

Each one of you can understand your births. You must not remember anyone except the Father but there is no question of staying without water etc. If you went to heaven now, hell would no longer remain.

What main dharna do you need in order to keep yourself happy?