Naguib Mahfouz’s magnificent epic trilogy of colonial Egypt appears here in one volume for the first time. The Nobel Prize—winning writer’s masterwork is the. Naguib Mahfouz’s magnificent epic trilogy of colonial Egypt appears here in one volume for the first time. The Nobel Prize-winning writer’s masterwork is the. Late novelist Naguib Mahfouz, pictured in , is considered the ‘godfather “ The Cairo Trilogy is a work on a par with Leo Tolstoy’s War and.

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The other typically solid foundation in life is family—which is by far one of the dominant themes of these books.

She suffers because of her lack of physical beauty and is rather bitter and caustic. The next generations are more realistically described, though Yasin and Ibrahim Shawkat, Khadija’s husband is something of a caricature. It tells of Egyptian life, customs, beliefs and family through 3 generations. Even the street undergoes some changes, as the neighbour’s house is torn down and naguih local drinks vendor builds a four-story building in its place.

Woman are really that submissive in this culuture. Art is language of the entire human personality.

Forget about the Nobel Prize for a minute. They lead imperfect but safe, secure, comfortable lives. Thus, the father cairi a tyrant, the mother is ignorant, one daughter teases mercilessly, her sister is sweet but a bit spoiled, etc.

The Cairo Trilogy is a very broad tapestry, and it does fray at the edges: Mahfouz was widely read in western cziro and particularly admired Flaubert, Stendhal, and Proust, and Mahfohz Moby Dick. As the sons and, to a much lesser extent, the daughters go their separate ways the routine and life is shaken, growing less and less steady. This story aciro much more ambiguous, less rooted in the political events of the time though they are still discussed by the characters, occasionally.


Even feeling that marriage might prove a hindrance, he delayed marrying until the age of May 03, Chris Moriarty rated it it was amazing. The minor character the Shayk, goes from revered to irrelevant to pathetic.

The story moves linearly forward in time.

Want to Read Currently Cair Read. This installment narrates what happens to those three male characters and what have they learned. The struggle for independence and the attempt to chart a future for the nation mirrors the children’s struggles in the Jawad households, complete with many failed attempts and missteps.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Palace Walk cziro readers through the daily struggles and joys of the family up until the nationalist revolution in which Fahmy loses his life. He continued to live in his modest flat in the middle-class district of Agouza with his wife and two daughters and changed nothing in his daily routine.

Palace Walk The first of the three books is set around nayuib time of the first Egyptian revolution of But he eventually gives in to his carnal nature, pursuing the much younger Zanuba, as though he was chasing after his lost youth.

Not that Cairo itself is presented in an uncomplimentary way—but there seems to be no escape. Later the novel came out in Beirut and until today is available in Egypt only under the counter.


Cairo Trilogy – Wikipedia

Raising a family, inculcating values, getting educated and providing for immediate ciaro emergent needs. The men treat woman as a commadity and the only redeeming virtue she has is if she is a virgin when she marries and if she can bear and raise children.

It also was pointed out to me by my husband that I said “Arg” like a ttrilogy a few times as well. I enjoyed the discussion of the early career of Umm Kalthoum. In following the members of this family through the streets of Cairo over decades, we see the depths of human nature—lustfulness, lack of self-control or misplaced, excessive disciplineparalyzing doubt, seemingly pointless political maneuvering, triloty with uncontrollable tragedy.

So this is a fitting end to a magnificent tri-generational family history.

Naguib Mahfouz

Review quote “The highest achievement of “The Cairo Trilogy” [is] the creation of memorable characters whose circumstances of life are unimaginably remote from our own, but whose aspirations are the same.

On a dire note, the world beyond the home becomes a source of tragic conflict. Feb 12, Sandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s natural that otherwise devout men find discrete ways to enjoy the forbidden: The Princess Mahdouz Henry James. He seemed to have turned from his degenerate ways initially. Refresh and try again. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Twentieth century ideologies are beginning to affect Egypt with the power seen elsewhere in the world and the portent is ominous.