Canon has classified these various techni- Canon T80, is also equipped with autofocus . FD lenses can be used, but it is necessary to focus manual-. choosing a pictograph. This camera, the. Canon T80, is also equipped with autofocus. (AF) so professional-looking, artistic picture- taking is made all the easier. Here, you can find out about Canon’s Film Cameras > T > T

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A deep field of focus to emhrace many aspects.

Canon T80 instruction manual (reprint)

This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat The lens has a self-contained autofocus system that does not require autofocus electronics in the camera body. A linear CCD is used to detect contrast in the focus area.

Second, raise the camera to your mmanual, get your subject in the viewfinder, and manul the shutter button down halfway to focus. F-1 F-1n New F-1 They didn’t want to give Nikon an opportunity to get disgruntled ex- Canon customers.

Use dmy dates from April Commons category link is on Wikidata. Specification and Main Reference Map of T Canon T80 Camera – Main Features.

fanon If the camera is as incapable of doing those things as you are, then what’s the point of having it at all? These lenses had the FD mount and signal transmission capability.

They called these “AC” lenses. Film Rewind Power rewind with built-in motor. The T was part of the successul T series models introduced by Canon during the early ’80 to replaced very popular A series SLR cameras.


Canon T80 instruction manual

All the models were 8t0 lightweight and built with a polycarbonate shell. Canon EOS digital cameras. Canon, unlike Minolta and Nikonwas convinced that having the motor in the lens was the optimal approach; this manuxl of thinking continued with the new EOS system inwhich remains Canon’s standard mounting system today.

When a manual focus lens is used, the camera provides focus assistance in exactly the same manner as the AL The motor, and the camera’s other functions including the focusing motor in the lens, are powered by 4 AAA batteries housed in the base of the camera.

You’ll find this mode quite advantageous for expansive landscape shots, and for when you want to photograph people or objects mannual are spread out anyscene that you wish to have everyone or everything in ‘sharp focus’.

Views Read Edit View history. Viewfinder Fixed eye-level pentaprism.

Four LEDs and mask illumination. FL Canon FDn lenses. It should be ideal for action capture requirement like sport, wildlife, children at play and others. All are readily identifiable by a boxy area on the upper left viewed from the camera containing the motor, and a red ring around the front lens element. After aligning film leader at mark, close camera back for auto loading.

Canon T80 Camera – Main Features Part I

For although blur is to be avoided in most cases, it can sometimes be an effective creative tool. The mount was compatible with the FD system, so you could put a regular FD lens on your T80 and use it as a nanual focus lens; or you could put an AC lens on any other FD-mount camera and use it as a manual-focus lens; but if you put the AC lens on the T80you got autofocus capability on your T80 SLR. Film loading is automatic; the user only has to align the film leader with an orange mark and close the back, and the camera loads and advances the film automatically.


By the mid 80s, Canon had fifteen years of the FD-mount firmly established, twenty if you include the mostly-compatible FL-series.

So Canon and they weren’t the only ones tried to make autofocus camera work with their existing FD system—sorta. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Built-in electronic self-timer with beeper and LCD to indicate countdown.

Film speed range from ISO 12 to If you don’t bother with the autofocus, what you’ve got is a mid-tier Canon T In addition to the built-in winder that perform film advance automatically and rewinding for some specific modelsmost of the T-series models were well known for their far more superior automatic exposure and flash system than the A series. A flowing technique to convey sweeping motion. Canon SLR cameras and lens mounts film. Except for its autofocus capability, the T80 is very similar to the earlier T70with four programmed scene modes in addition to regular Program auto-exposure AE.

The autofocus lenses contain a motor, and electrical contacts in the lens mount connect this motor to the camera’s circuits. Correct exposure, In program mode: