The Paul Chen / Hanwei Forge produces the finest quality reproductions . Welcome to Paul Chen Hanwei swords. As an official distributor of the incredible line of Cas Hanwei swords, our goal is to make your shopping experience easy. CAS Iberia began as an importer of quality knives from Spain and has since grown into Ancient weapon of European tribes recreated by Hanwei and Svord .

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But still, the is so much better than the I really want one of the Paper Crane, not quite a nihonto, but still a very classic looking sword.

I checked out the Tea Culture and it looks quite nice for some reason I always skipped over it before. Apr 19 Cutting Jian on the way! Plus, CAS has a sweet catalog I also discussed my selection with those who tried the sword out. Hanwei Mercenary Sword The ‘jewel in the junk’ of a series some rather clunky beaters by Hanwei. All times are GMT I think it will have to be a wait and see on the Oni for you.

Hanwei Practical Wakizashi The first Wakizashi on the market it still holds its own, but while practical isn’t much of a looker. I was just hoping that in that big variety of swords they would let at least one or hanwwi pass with a traditional geometry. The original entry level Katana.

Paul Chen Hanwei Swords

Hanwei Forge Zatoichi The old sword hidden in a stick trick. If that is any indicator along with Chen working with Tinker Piercethen we are in for a treat.


Bartender and Brewmeister for the Pub Stranger in a Strange land. Better than a Bokken! Iron is sort-of the Paris Hilton of metals, and carbon, nickel, chromium silicon, etc.

Paul Chen Hanwei Swords

The rest should be more traditional offerings, the only one I know of for sure is an odachi. Sign up for our newsletter here. Results 1 to 25 of What do you all think? I like my Tori s. Sword Buyers Directory Our Store! See you’re missing out on a pretty big market IMHO – you don’t need to make a 31″ Iaito – they are readily available. Not just for Tai-Chi, this is actually a pretty good entry level Jian. Blogs Groups Advanced Search. Thanks for the info Blake. I will say that having niku on one of these blades esp.

Originally Posted by Bogdan M. Then I looked at one in a store and tried out its feel. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The current crop of “performance” swords Which is a ridiculous name!

I think give it a couple more years maybe 5and we might see it.

CAS Iberia / CAS Hanwei Swords and Knives | OsoGrandeKnives

It’s the shinken that are hard to find. A lot of the stuff I see here I forward on, but I can’t catch everything. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Hanwei Torino Rapier Quite ornate and attractive in its own right, but not all that historically accurate. If only a small percentage use their sword for competion cutting, what do they get used for?


Click here for the most reliable, honest and respected sword sellers. Their Japanese swords tend to be just a little too sharpmeaning that the edges are so fine and hard that while they cut like a laser, hitting harder targets whether accidentally or on purpose is a sure fire way to chip or break them. Most of us who use longer iaito have to compromise with shorter blades. Just by the Catalog, it really does look like Hanwei is going to step up and start producing some really great swords also, most of the “Iberia” line seems to be gone.

What good is it to make a katana with a very strong body, but with a weak edge? Hanwei Bastard Sword The ‘antiqued’ version of this classic Catalof design – and evil looking and rather massive sword.

Hanwei Banshee A tactical version of the Burmese Dha, and yes, it can actually slice bullets too. Hanwei Raptor Nanbokucho Designed by Shihan James Williams from the Bugei company, these are excellent blades but not without a few issues. They always seemed to me to market shoddy work as top of the line, and while SOME of their productions were very good, hanwi were crap.