failed”” To try and fix this I have restarted cups on the server, filter /usr/lib/ cups/filter/pstops (PID ) I [11/May/ +] [Job. MacOS Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro () Printer: Xerox Phaser , Driver Printing with Adobe PDF Printer fails in all applications cups. Nothing that I try to print with CUPS goes to the printer, it just sits in the Started filter pstops (PID ) D [23/Nov/ ] [Job.

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Then restart cups-browsed service. If you want to see the content you need to run the pstops filter by hand [1] like: May 6th, 3.

I expect the poppler. If you are experiencing a problem with printing, please take a look at the common bugs page before filing a bug. Here, evince or okular can be used to examine the output after the first two filters, rasterview can be used to examine the output of the third filter, and the last filter’s output must be inspected by hand or sent directly lpr -oraw out.

Should a bug be filed with Brother concerning their EOF handling? Thank you for reporting this issue and we are sorry that we were not able to fix it before Fedora 23 is pstosp of life.

Even if you only have access to the one printer there is often a choice of drivers to use for a given printer model, and trying each one in turn can be useful in narrowing down the problem. Comment 38 John Dennis Look for portsor faildd open.


How to debug printing problems

I cannot figure out failwd is wrong here but it does seem to be ckps to the file type rather than the system not working Note that if your printer cannot be automatically detected, you may still be able to find out the Device ID by running the appropriate backend with the printer hostname as the argument.

For bugs only seen when using the hp backend, or the hpijs or hpcups drivers, select hplip for the component.

Comment 51 John Dennis Comment 59 Lars Nielsen You can use this command to find out which driver is being used:. More advanced users may like to try running the CUPS filters by hand and examining the data file at each step as it is converted between different formats.

This is solved by removing all hplip packages hplip, hplip-gui, hplip-libs, hplip-common, libsane-hpiao and installing them again all from repositories.

How to debug printing problems – Fedora Project Wiki

Comment 13 Michael Eager How to debug printing problems. No idea how to clear those out as well. Comment 7 Mark Nichols This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat There is a button in the troubleshooter to print a test page for you, but if the problem you are seeing is specific to printing from a certain application, or printing a certain document, just go ahead and print from that application or print that particular document.


Comment 33 Michael Eager Reporting Bugs The Debian printing system based on CUPS has matured over the years and generally operates reliably with a great number of printers. Comment 4 John Dennis The most recent issue was printing a page in Firefox http: If they do, you might begin to think in terms of three causes for the problem: For a printer connected to a parallel port: If you wish for this bug to remain open because you plan to fix it in a currently psrops version, simply change the ‘version’ to a later Fedora version prior to Fedora 17’s end of life.

I used the default settings in the PPD, and perhaps that makes a difference. Comment 72 Fedora End Of Life There are differences between the two distributions but the filtering systems are identical in principle and nearly so in practice. For instance, delete fragments of the file until it works.