Contributed by Benne de Weger, the Netherlands. “The title may be translated as The Counting Devil, or maybe The Number Devil, and it has a subtitle that. Der Zahlenteufel. by Hans Magnus Enzensberger at – ISBN – ISBN – DTV Deutscher Taschenbuch – : Der Zahlenteufel () by Hans Magnus Enzensberger and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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Anything that gets a kid excited about math works for me. University of California Press. Mathematics fiction books Fictional demons and devils Dreams in fiction Henry Holt and Company books books Mathematics education.

My largest concern, like many other critics, is the author’s renaming of terms. Retrieved 7 December By using this zahlenteufeo, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Contributed by Anonymous I picked this up first of all to practice my German, but was instantly hooked. Contributed by Alex I am a 9th grader who just recently had zahlejteufel write a paper about fibonacci numbers. A Mathematical Adventurebased on the book. Its colorful use of fictional mathematical zahoenteufel and its creative descriptions of concepts have made it a suggested book for both children and adults troubled with math.

The Number Devil arranges Robert’s classmates in multiple ways, teaches him about zahlemteufeland what the Number Devil calls vroom numbers factorials. Archived from the original on 4 April The German author has since stated he will not write any more young adult’s books, but instead direct his effort towards poetry.

MathFiction: The Number Devil (Der Zahlenteufel) (Hans Magnus Enzensberger)

De book is a very clever book that shows young kids a more exciting side to math. Looking back on it now, I think this book was one of the main reasons i took such a liking to math. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat By the eleventh night, Robert has shown considerable increased interest in mathematics, but questions its validity, to which the Number Devil introduces the concept of mathematical proofsending with the Number Devil showing Robert a complicated proof of basic arithmetic.


When reading such books as “The DaVinci Code”, somehow it makes me feel really powerful to know that in a star with a pentagon around it, the ratio of the pentagon’s sides to the star’s legs is the golden ratio.

Together they explore a variety of mathematical things a lot of them from number theory, such as prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers and the golden section, permutations, etc.

I’ve been giving fer in appropriate languages to children ever since. I can’t wait to create lessons that incorporate this book. I’m sure we’ll read it again. Contributed by Kathryn I really loved this book, and as a future math educator, Zahlenteuel found it to be very useful for something I could one day use in the classroom.

While it didn’t give me much about fibonacci besides a few interesting little bits about his numbers, I did recall what a great read this was when i was in 6th grade. It was a funny and interesting book that made my math phobic daughter think of math in a friendlier way.

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

I did really like the way the concepts were presented and thought it was a great way to get kids interested in math. Contributed by Rosy This book is zahlenteufl wonderfully funny way to talk about math. Contributed by Maria I am in seventh grade. Bockel portrayed in this manner?

Der Zahlenteufel PDF Download – AnthonyNCarl

I had never imagined what had awaited me! However, I have to say that the number devil is ver little on the sarcastic side which, if he was a real person, would turn off a mathophobic middle-schooler. Inhe delivered a speech at the International Congress of Mathematicians criticizing the isolation of mathematics from popular culture.


It’s a great book because it is easy to read and gets kids to think about mathematical ideas. I do have a question about the concepts covered in the book. Enzensberger fostered a passion for mathematics and numbers, although he was not a mathematician by trade.

Ball and Bass were concerned with The Number Devil ‘s negative characterization of math teachersits apparent presentation of mathematics as magical rather than factualand a number of other contentions. For instance, exponentiation takes the term hoppingand the fictional term unreasonable numbers was coined for irrational numbers. I think there is a problem here! We start off with the students finding out about the pattern with the multiplication of ones 1×1, 11×11, x, etc.

Contributed by Maria My fourth grade daughter and I alternated reading a chapter aloud every day. The book was a hit across Europe, becoming a best seller in at least Spain, Germany, [8] the Netherlands, [9] and Italy.

A Mathematical Adventure cover. I would love to have a sequel! The list of historical figures in the back of the book is a great reference and a nice segue into a unit plan for integrating writing and reading into a math classroom.