Abstract. This document is based on the original SQ80 Service Manual, which turned out to be hard to get. I was lucky getting a copy from. The (E)SQ synthesizers aswell as Ensoniq’s first sampler (which was a great .. fail and you need to reformat it manually (see for details). View and Download ENSONIQ SQ user manual online. cross wave. SQ Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Great for organs, analog-type sounds, pads and sound effects.

Full text of “Ensoniq: Ensoniq SQ80 Service Manual”

Like the classic ESQ-1, the SQ functions in providing analog-type 4-pole lowpass filtering and editing of digital waveforms. Each voice msnual combine up to 3 of the 75 waveforms.

These waveforms include multi-sampled transient attack waves such as violin bow, plectrum picks, mallet, hammer, breath attacks and percussive sounds.


There are also 5 sampled drum sets. Three LFOs are onboard for some pretty wild modulation of the ensomiq you create or edit. As for playing the SQ, it is a dream!

Its note keyboard is full, responsive and has polyphonic aftertouch. Polyphonic aftertouch simply means that each key pressed will respond to aftertouch independently of the other keys.

The aftertouch can be used to control a variety of modulation parameters such as the LFO. Pitch and mod wheels and plenty of front-panel buttons and a few sliders make accessing and editing fairly easy and hands-on. The keyboard can be split or ensomiq. The pattern-based 8-track multitimbral sequencer is great for creating short to complex sequences live, or in step time with quantization, bounce-able tracks, 60 sequence patterns and 20 songs.

Mabual they can be saved to disk along with any patches you’ve created and any SysEx Midi data. Unfortunately, the SQ has no built-in effects.


Images from Perfect Circuit Audio. On bootup the display appears intact and works, sort of ensoiq characters that are randomly related to the menu but are Last week I purchased a mint condition Ensoniq SQ80 synthesizer.


I’m new to synths and just learning the It does not power up. View the discussion thread.

Manual Find patches, info and sequences for the SQ at this Ensoniq synth site. Polyphony – 8 voices. Oscillators – 24 osc. LFO – Up to 3 per voice – can route to pitch, amp, filter, pan.

ENSONIQ SQ-80 User Manual

Sequencer – 8-Track, 60 patterns, 20 songs, 20, note capacity. Date Produced – – Accessories and Parts from Syntaur. Thanks to Tony Evans for providing information.