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The Welder must be 2007 on a flat, stable surface that extends further than the units own dimensions in all directions. For safety reasons, fmier pump can only be operated by More information. If it does not operate properly or overheats, the electricity supply should be removed immediately and the unit should be returned to the supplier for repair.

Please read before installation. The presence of these materials may have, if not disposed properly, potential adverse affects on the environment. Before servicing the unit, please read this at first.

Сварочные аппараты

Use and Care Flmer. Without the written permission of the copyright holder, More information. All maintenance or repair operations requiring access to such areas may only be performed by constructor-trained technicians.

Each Fimer product has been designed, built and made in Italy. Failure to follow safety warnings exactly could. In line More information. This manual should be retained More information. How To Control The. Technical Product Information No. All warranty provisions will immediately become null and void if any repair, or attempt to repair, not specifically authorized fimeg writing or handled by the constructor is carried out.


As there is more than one switch in this series, the diagrams might slightly. Lining up the peg and the groove, insert Fig. Twisted or coiled cables can also cause Welder fiemr.

Remember that any tool or equipment can become a hazard if it is not looked after properly. Place the Welder in a safe, protected area. Operating instructions in the back.

FIMER T GEN 1 PH SET – MMA 5T : DCN Hellenic Welding

The edges of the workpieces are molted and if necessary, using filler metals in rod form, are fused together. In fact, workpieces can be welded together anywhere at all: Dear customers, Thank you for selecting More information. Welding parameters wrong set Welder Rough movements Leave the machine to cool until the warning led disappears.

Positive Terminal Fast-Connect Plug: Connect it to the local power supply Fig. Welding circuitry is usually low voltage, however, as a precaution, do not touch the welder electrodes. Maintain sufficient air-flow to avoid toxic or explosive gas accumulation.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Never stand on the unit. Never tamper with the power cable. It should be kept within the operator s reach at all times. This is guarantee of maximum quality and reliability. This not only reduces the risk of fire but also avoids damage to the walls and floors during welding processes.


To generate the arc, move the electrode a few millimetres away Fig. The safety information contained in this manual is a guide to ensure you are not subjected to unnecessary risks. Never point the welding gun or the electrode towards yourself or others. The earth clamp cable should be connected to the positive terminal socket. Trademark Information is a registered trademark of.


Don t use it for anything else! Contact your Kellogg Distributor More information. Wear a protective mask and make sure bystanders do the fmier.

For your own safety and knowledge, please read this manual before installing or operating the device. If there are any questions, or requests, please do not More information.

They could still contain toxic, flammable or explosive gases and vapours years after they have been emptied. The user is responsible for y sure the machine is complete and in good working order. Symbols used to mark instructions