Oct 23, Geheimpolitik, Logen, Bardon und mehr v. Klaus Dieter Rggeberg T . 2 PSYSBS InkigayoGANGNAM STYLE () Discovering. Geheimpolitik sachbcher zum thema secret politics dieter rggeberg geheimpolitik der fahrplan zur weltherrschaft seiten kart pdf dieter rggeberg. Dieter Ruggeberg is the author of Geheimpolitik ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews) and Geheimpolitik ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews).

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Countdown to World Domination] D. Most Freemasons are dupes.

Dieter Ruggeberg (Author of Geheimpolitik)

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Home About Poland is beautiful. Half of Europe should come under the slavery of communism Jalta Conference. The connection of Hitler, Hjalmar Schacht and Montagu Norman thus received a considerable support from that direction. He would carry messages for the President When Tunesia happened a while back I was stunned because rggebberg just seemed the beginning of some old prophecies going down in real time that say that the Arabs would rise up gehfimpolitik unite into this Pan-Arab militant super power that would bring war to all of Europe.

Promise,… Adam on Holocaust Education: Looking at the statement above, a couple things strike me as wrong: Beside that Churchill was supported by King Georg VI of England, the freemasonry interest of whom was represented by rgheberg three sons of King Georg V on one side and the Anglican Church on the other side, because all the higher representatives of this church are members of freemasonry.

The state of Israel should be established and kept alive by oppression of the world Holocaust museums. Hitler – Agent of Freemasonry.

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If you look at his speeches, of which there are many, he actually sounds like an infomercial guy who does not miss a singular opportunity to name, uncover and speak out against: They are here stated with their background, in the order of their apparent importance, as follows: The name of the B’nai B’rith Lodge, pertaining to the centre of Freemasonry, is omitted altogether in his book.


He gave the proof of his freemason character by the order for the dropping of the atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, supported by his adviser and high degree freemason Henry Morgenthau. The English army complied.

The world should become catholic and robbed in favour of the Vatican. This is idiotic because it is not about the Jewish people, rather about very specific Jews. Hidden History, Zionism and Anti-Semitism. Besonders liegt es den beiden Autorinnen am Herzen, mit ihren Texten Werte zu vermitteln. Z rozkazu Hitlera, Specifically it is about those in the secret societies who intended to shape the world, for instance Karl Marx Scottish Rite, 33rd degree. Create an new mdy. All information, data, and material contained, presented, or provided on justice4poland.

Barney or Bernard Baruch B’nai B’rith brother and freemason was the adviser of seven American Presidents and especially known for the publication of the Baruch-Plan for the domination of the world by the nuclear lobby http: As you know, he said ” men all known to each other control Europe.

The Wannsee-Protocol The false interpretation by the Allies. Morgan and Rothschild families, particularly with regard to the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in Edwin Black writes in “Nazi Nexus” on page 4: On March 24, the Zionists declared war on Germany and five months later Hitler signed an agreement with them!

Der Einsatz groer Spannflansche SFS 76, Seite 49 erhht die Seitenstabilitt und gewhrleistet eine przise Scheibenfhrung speziell bei dnnen Trennschleifscheiben der geraden Ausfhrung und mm.

Thus it is clear that the Pope agreed with the transference of half of Europe into the slavery of communism by Roosevelt and Churchill at the Jalta Conference. After closer examination of this constellation it can be stated that Hitler was an agent of Zion, of the Vatican and of the Bank of England City of London.


Dieter Rggeberg Vlaszok Arion mestertl Franz Bardon

Hitler’s smear campaign was exclusively against Jews, but he had concealed the names of the Zionists who, with greatest brutality and disregard for the Jewish community, had planned the World Revolution geheimpoliyik the foundation of the State of Israel. Hopkins was one of the advisers to President Roosevelt at geheimpplitik conference of Jalta, where half of Europe was transferred to communism by the representatives of freemasonry.

He was actually the contrary, namely a Zionist agent tasked with bringing anti-Semitism to Germany and Middle Europe. About Cardinal Spellman wrote Mr.

During the Nuremberg War Criminal Trial, when the Allies decided to hang up the German government, of course nothing was mentioned about all these facts.

Lord Rothschild high degree freemason was inheritance of Cecil Rhodes high degree freemasonwho wanted to put the English world domination up by a special secret company, which he established together with Lord Milner. It is fascinating to read! We are not even a footnote on the grand scale of events that are unfolding. The soil should be reduced as much as possible and twenty million people should be driven out from their homes. Harry Hopkins, the closest and most influential adviser to President Franklin D.

This is striking evidence that he worked together with the Zionists and that he was a first class liar, hypocrite and public traitor. Adler reports extensively on this in his book “Theresienstadt — “. Archivo De La Motosierra Tt. Hjalmar Schacht Horace Greely January