as Giovanni Lussu has recently put it, we have a conceptual model in which, The particular 5 G. Lussu, La lettera uccide, Viterbo, Nuovi Equilibri, 1 , p. Search results. 6 results for Books: “Giovanni Lussu” Montale. by Eugenio Montale and Copertina: Giovanni Lussu La lettera uccide. 1 Jan La lettera uccide: storie di grafica by Giovanni Lussu · gogna added: Structural Package Designs (Pepin Press Design Book Series) by Haresh Pathak.

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It is from The divine invasions by Philip K. These beliefs can be summarised with a simple diagram [3]: The English language, with its twelve vowels for only five letters and with its infinite spelling exceptions, already poses a number of problems: This article comes with the images that were published in black and white in Typography papers and follow the same sequence.

Preview — La lettera uccide by Giovanni Lussu. Each of the other letera transcribed from the Latin alphabet, with its own diacritic marks and variations on pronunciation, has its peculiarities and more than a few flourishes.

Gianfurlo Ferulomerlo added it Aug 11, Writing is, above all, the representation of the spoken word; 2. I will conclude with a highly imaginative premonition by an author of whom I am particularly fond.

By the beginning of the s, Ferdinand de Saussure, one of the great founders of modern linguistics, does not express himself very differently:. Phoenices primi, famae si creditur, ausi mansuram rudibus vocem signare figuris. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. And what use today is the illusory representation of spoken language? Davide Giorgetta added it Aug 28, Lists with This Book. To ask other readers questions about La lettera uccideplease sign up.

In-depth scientific research is revealing previously unsuspected complexity in the great collections of stone and bone carvings from the Upper Palaeolithic age: Chiara Fanelli added it Feb 25, All those quibbling letters between the alphabetic system and the Chinese system are rendered futile by the evident operating efficiency of Chinese, with which it is possible to write excellent literature and at the same time manage sophisticated technology and for the Japanese, who use a more complex system, things are even more obvious.


Is the alphabetic system really best? The images used here are from the slides shown by Lussu in his lecture. And we can also reflect on the fact that there is also llettera representational aspect to notations, for what is a mathematical formula if not a depiction of the logical processes being represented? The process is not uccied in any way, because the letters of the Latin alphabet are described from a topological point of view, as the paths of a point moving on the surface of a system of tangent cylinders [31, 32].

Mattia Pedrazzoli rated it really liked it Apr 22, But those who are concerned with the form of letters are quite conscious of the fragility of this connection. Marco De marked it as to-read Oct 21, Vandalo added ucxide May 08, Want to Read saving…. We are beginning to consider lla hypothesis that, contrary to the well-respected and commonly held belief, figurative representations were actually ucvide by notational ones.

Get updates Get updates. Though I have shown these results on numerous previous occasions, I still find giovannni fascinating: What of italics, or small capitals? What is more, these were open systems, in which the scribe was able to insert modifications and innovations, uccid of being understood, and therefore they escape from the conventional definition of code as a closed system.

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Stefania Trovarelli added it Feb 06, La lettera uccide by Giovanni Lussu. For Leonard Bloomfield, father of the American linguistic tradition, things are not much different: It is not by chance that the Chinese and Koreans abandoned it at the time, because it was so unsuited to ucxide characteristics of their systems.

Digital technology has now reached a phase in which it is capable of simulating analogical processes satisfactorily.

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On the other hand, since the introduction of the Pinyin system of alphabetic ucicde [19], even the Chinese system is starting to become mixed.

A writing workshop I held a number of years ago for children between the ages of 9 and 10, not yet completely subject to alphabetical prejudice, left me convinced once and for all of the extraordinary potential for new approaches.


Trivia About La lettera uccide.

The new technology offers a form of communication which explodes the myth of writing as lx ancillary recording system subservient to speech. Of course, it is not possible to write everything with the Mexican system, but then we are not able to write kussu with our alphabet and have to resort to specialised notations, in which the incidental presence of alphabetical symbols has no phonetic value at all [25], and without which science and technology would certainly not have got as far as the computer.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Is writing the representation of the spoken word?

The Phoenicians were the first, if the story be believed, to dare represent the voice with rudimentary signs. We now know that Mayan writing used a complete series of syllabic phonetic signs, but with a number of alternative forms, and they could be composed in various ways to form words [10, 11]. Words spoken are symbols or signs of affections or impression of the soul; written words are the signs of words spoken De interpretatione, 16a, 3—4.

In the past few years, however, we have come to realise that perhaps things did not quite happen that way. There is no doubt whatsoever that each specific sign corresponds to a specific word with specific pronunciation, and therefore the transcriptive aspect of the spoken word is intrinsically present. This theme was discussed by Lussu on several occasions see his book La lettera uccide By the beginning of the s, Ferdinand de Saussure, one of the great founders of modern linguistics, does not express himself very differently: For Leonard Bloomfield, father of the American linguistic tradition, things are not much different:.