Guhyasamaja Sadhana – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ~ Tibetan Buddhist teachings, commentaries, sadhana, visualisations and discussion forum for initiates worldwide. Guhyasamaja is a highest. This Is a book written by shri yogeshwaranand ji on Baglamukhi Sadhna. He is a writter of several books on tantra, mantra aughar anusthan, saraswati, durga.

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At that time we had a class in which we were reading the first chapter guhyasamjaa Guhyasamaja, comparing the Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chinese versions.

You uphold the sacred teachings of the buddhas without exception by seeing things as they are and helping others with loving compassion. You have fully comprehended all the sutras and tantras without exception, have attained gjhyasamaja stability on the development stage and have directly seen the mandalas and hosts of deities.

I make requests at your feet, O Zhn-nu W of Ser-ding.

Guhyasamaja Sadhana

With the utmost saddhana, I shall cause them to have loving kindness. On top of this are eight pillars supporting vajra beams. I make requests at your feet, O Bu-tn Ch-je Rin-chen drub. I arise sadhaa this spontaneously as Vajradhara with vajra and bell. Rahulamitra — one text Naropa — two texts. Tsongkhapa explains that very nicely, very clearly. We are adorned with the eight jeweled ornaments: Mantra recitationFrom the seed-syllable in the heart of each of the deities, a host of the mandalas deities are emitted.

Above is blue Ushnisha-chakravartin and below is blue Sumbharaja.

Therefore since all phenomena in this way are not truly existent, meditation should be non-objectifying. They dissolve into the moon and from the transformation of what was on it, there comes a white five-spoked vajra marked with an OM AH HUM. In this way, all the parts of my body become the individual parts of the celestial mansion. Lightly formatted by Ven. Idam guru ratna mandala kam nirya tayami.


But in any case, if we come down to the system that was started by Tsongkhapa, he divides anuttarayoga tantra into father and mother tantra pha-rgyud and ma-rgyud. All the worldly ones such as Indra and so forth instantaneously melt into clear light and arise in the bodily form of Guhyasamaja deities together with consorts.

And these include primitive guhyasamaka of various positive and gujyasamaja emotions, like loving concern, hatred, fear. A literal meaning yig-don A general, shared meaning spyi-don A hidden meaning sbas-don And a final, ultimate meaning mthar-thug don. Its jeweled walls going all around have five layers in thicknesswhich going from sarhana outside in are white, yellow, red, green, and blue.

His body is magnificent, guhyaamaja with the kisses of perfection.

As Amitabha is crowned with Akshobhya another right arm forms holding a lotus. Thus is the action of emitting and re-gathering.

So anybody who has that type of revelation or understanding is receiving this from Buddha Vajradhara, because Buddha Vajradhara is not a historical figure from our objective Western point of view of history. To my navel comes Lochana; to my heart Mamaki; to my throat Pandaravasin; to the crown of my head, Tara. But also in terms of teaching it, you should keep it hidden from those who are not ready to understand it.

O glorious one who is the Dharma, the pathway of speech, I who am meditating on the one who is the inseparability of the three vajras request you to grant me your blessings now for vajra-speech. So each of these and more are represented by a figure in the mandala.


So if you divide the systems in general between method and wisdom, so-called method and wisdom, Guhyasamaja puts more emphasis on the method side. Melting into the nature of black sadhanna of light, they enter me through my heart in the manner of wisdom-beings.

You find it in many other tantra systems as well. And practice within that understanding. I achieve the power of mind.

Welcome to

As Amoghasiddhi is crowned with Akshobhya another left arm forms holding a sword. So clear of what?

Thus, it is beautified with eight vases. Guhyasamaka my two eyes are THLIMs, the nature of the cognitive power of my eyes, which transform into white Kshitigarbhas with Vairochanas crowning their heads. The main and encircling Akshobhyas having been requested in this way, the hosts of emanated Mamakis and called-forth Akshobhya-deities go into union, preceding this with mutual displays of affection.

Guhyasamaja Sadhana – [PDF Document]

Would you like to join me in this three-year retreat? In any sadhaja, Guhyasamaja is considered one of the oldest, if not the oldest, tantra systems to surface in written form in India. Inside the centre of the wheel is a variegated lotus and moon seat.

So with the first stage, isolated body lus-dbenwhat you are trying to do is basically to get the winds, the energies of the senses, to enter into the central channel. Please do not distribute without permission. Constance Miller, July From these are emitted hosts of Lochanas filling all of space. Very difficult terms to translate and get really the flavor.