Şemsü’s-Şümus: Güneşler güneşi: Mecd-i talid, Halidiye risalesi, Adab-ı mürid tercümesi. Front Cover. Hâlid Bagdâdee. Kitsan Yayınları, – Sufism – By: Muhammad ibn ʻAli ibn Zayn al-ʻĀbidīn, fl. Published: (); Tercüme-i Nuhbe-i fiker ; Risale-i mülhemat. Tercüme-i Risale-i Halidiye [ microform]. Raymond Lifchez (Berkeley: University of California Press, ), See Mevlana Halid-i Bagdadi, Risale-i Halidiye ve Adab-i Zikir Risalesi (Istanbul: .

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He narrates a story about two men setting out on a journey with the same purpose of business and pleasure.


For them, life is a joy. In this sense, Said Nursi has contributed to the revival of the learned Islamic tradition in modern times. The choice is between peace and contentment with a friendly view of the world, or an unhappy state of bewilderment, perplexity and confusion.

True belief lies in the recognition that the human being is halkdiye servant of God, the compassionate creator. Said Nursi was much ahead of his ha,idiye in envisioning the coming fu- ture of religious uncertainty, which would weaken the roots of faith in risalesj existence of God among Muslims. Reason is the mediator between what others might call the human and the divine; we participate in the divine insofar as our ideas are true- and more actively, our behavior rational.

Said Nursi urged a new methodology in. The relevance of the Rikale-iNurto Turkey can be extended to Muslim communities around the world.

İletişim (!) 1 – Osman SUROĞLU

He elaborates the necessity of establishing a connection between world, man and God. While he was in exile, it was the strength of his religious belief that assured him of the certainty of faith and of being destined for an everlasting world of perpetual happiness.

In the same way, the prized haljdiye of belief is cast into doubt by the whisperings of Satan, to which men fall prey, leading to despair and anguish.

The first section places the thought of Said Nursi within the tradition of Islamic thought in modern times. Humanity is grappling with the meaning of life in our fast paced world, trying to understand the relation between man, world and God.

His worldview and thoughts are good and he reflects on the good side of things. The Rzhle-iNuris an important lamppost illuminating the human quest risalsei understanding the existence of God, the relationship between faith and the intellectual and scientific ad- vancement of humanity, achieving contentment, success, and integrity.


The other is an unbelieving spirit and depraved heart. Sozler Ne riyat A. Said Nursi stressed that belief in God has risalesj be built on experiential jalidiye. Hence, the Rikde-iNuraims at renewing and strengthening of belief and faith in God.

But Said Nursi was confident that faith is a bounty created and bestowed by God on humans which no human effort can block or wrest away. Only then can a reader comprehend the attempt of the Rikafe-iNur to put to rest continuing philosophical dilemmas about the relation between revelation, reason and mystery in Islam. Of the two brothers, one is a believing spirit and a righteous heart.

For Said Nursi, faith cannot be faqhiAi imitativebut must be a reflective activity always requiring fresh contemplation. He begins the short discourse in the Second Word by proclaim- ing the Unseeness of God, saying that happiness and bounty is to be found f b d Help Center Find new research papers in: This requires complying with rules and commands while non-belief in the existence of God lays no restraint.

Skip to main content. Random House, ; Edward 0. Thus, belief in God and acting accordingly bring about contentment and felicity. The materialists are thus incapable of understanding the source of origin and manifestation which is Divine creativity.

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Nursi, The Rays Coflechon, Further study will help us to respond creatively to the new challenges faced by Muslim societies in the areas of knowledge and leadership, as well as in dealing increasing social probIems such as the breakdown of families, addiction to drugs and violence.

The University of Chicago Press, Nursi remarked that the glasses of philosophy make everything look dark, ugly and frightening, while the glasses of belief in God make everything ap- pear transparent, clear and luminous. Faith today is subject to the dictates of reason.

Bediüzzaman ve Risale-i Nur Hizmeti

Though he avoided using philosophical arguments, he believed that Islam as a religion and worldview cannot be hlidiye or explained as has tradi- tionally been done, merely by using declarative statements.

He was not nalidiye criticism and persecution. Here he elucidates the subject from the perspective of human identity and its relation and re- sponse to the question of belief in God. If you have understood the truths in this comparison, you will be able to make them correspond to the truths of religion, the world, man, and hlidiye in God. One looks only from within, perceiving the world only in physicallmaterial and car- nal terms.


It releases modern, materialist-centered humanity from the shackles of seeing life as a prison. Going further than simply calling for using the tools of modern sci- ence and rationalism, as had been done by the Islamic Modernists, l6 Said Nursi addressed the subject of the relation between Islam as a reli- gion and science at an elemental level.

So according to what law have you inflicted all this sur- veillance and oppression on me as though I am an old fisalesi who was ever ready to seize an opportunity and supported haliddiye idea of tyranny and despotism? And 0 you who are listening to this story together with my soul!

Said Nursi devoted his life to the preservation and strengthening of belief in God, which is at the core of religion. He had witnessed the severe attack on Islamic belief in his country and the Muslim world in the guise of modernization, whose philosophical base was rooted in humanistic and materialist approaches anchored in Darwinism.

When based on understanding and conviction, it strengthens the inner being and keeps the doubting halkdiye from succumbing to unbelief, as in the case of Job, who was physically sick but spiritually strong.

Halidiyye Risalesi : Mevlana Halid Bagdadi :

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, like his predecessors Ahmad Sirhindi 5 and Sayyid Ahmad Khan 6 of India, called for a new kahm Islamic scholasticism halodiye would address the modern faith-ques- tions arising out of encounters with modernity and the West. State University of New York Press, Nursi gives a symbolic description of the challenges, tests and hardships faced in both pathdways. Through the use of his unique philosophical herme- neutics, he is able to show the relationship between revelation, thought and haliviye.

Augsburg Fortress, ,