ISMC , , 75, 40, , ISMC , , , , 50, , ISMC , , , , 65, , ISMC , , , , 75, , according to ASTM A, dimensional tolerances and grades, according to ASTM A, ASTM A, ASTM A,. ASME SA, MTC EN ISMC 75x ISMC x .. Length: Dimensional Norms: (for prime & short-length.

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Built-up section converter

This page was written for a different software version than you have currently selected. This tool is convert the selected parametric profile predefined profile whose cross section dimensions the user can change by using parametric variables representing a Built-up member to equivalent welded plates or group of dimwnsions parts.

Based on the selection, these profiles are replaced by built-up custom components or built-up Plug-ins. Plug-ins can be started from the applications and components catalog.


ISMC weight chart – Google Fusion Tables

Model the members using below marked profiles. To convert these profiles to built- up members, double click the respective icon in the below tool bar.

In the catalogue only few profiles are added. You can add new profiles by copying the respective shape and change the parameters. Make sure that profile subtype is matching. Fill in this form instead. Skip to main content. Use the search to find similar content in dikensions selected version.

Usage To convert these profiles to built- up members, double click the respective icon in the below tool bar. Select the parametric profile objects, which are to be converted to built-up sections.

The above dialog box is opened. For custom components S.

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Star I made of UB profiles. If depth of member excluding plates if more thanthen it converts to plates. Else convert to profile with top and bottom plates.

Converts twin angles —star with out batten plates.