?st=UF&ix=nu&I=0&V=D. A religious diatribe written from within the Church against the established order of things in a presumably “Christian” land. PDF | This article emphasizes the significant motifs of ” The Moment “, Søren Kierkegaard ” s strident criticism of the Lutheran Church and the religious.

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Christianity simply does not exist. For this too is one of the defects, and one of chrisendom principal defects of his preaching — not the fact kierkegaadr he himself was a government official from the Christian point of view that is a detraction from his preachingnot the consideration of his own glittering career, rich in enjoyment, no, not this, but the fact that he would authorize that way of proclaiming the Gospel as the true Christian way, and thereby implicitly condemn as an exaggeration the true Christian preaching by a suffering witness to the truthinstead of making to Christianity the admission that the preaching he represented is something which may be conceded to us men as a dispensation and indulgence, something which we ordinary men have recourse to because we are too selfish, too worldly, too sensual, to be capable of anything more, something which we A WITNESS TO THE TRUTH?

For this reason he held completely in check his rare dialectical ability to see both sides.

For in the last resort, precisely to the concept “Church” is to be traced the fundamental confusion both of Protestantism and of Catholicism — or is it to the concept “Christendom”? Seen conversely, one might well say, Everything is kierketaard for His coming. Only I have one wish. But if we do not dare to give the matter this turn, there are only two ways open to atack Adding insult to injurious behavior, the late bishop was eulogized by peers as a “witness to the truth” imbuing an attitude of apostle-like reverence towards his life and ministry.

Kierkegaard’s attack upon “Christendom,” 1854-185

This observation, christendo, is not perhaps unequivocally cheerful; for may it not be that in our time, still more than in the days of Kierke- gaard, “there is nothing to persecute”? This may not be the first impression, but I could not fail to observe it as I was slowly translating these pages. And if one is not very strong in the spirit, a good maxim of human cbristendom is, “The fewer the better.

So every priest in the land is at the same time a witness to the truth.


Attack upon Christendom

Let then so much suffice for this time. This did not come to pass! I conclude with a quote [from memory] “Judas is greater than Christians, for at least Judas didn’t revel in praise following his betrayal of the Christ.

This doubtless suits the convenience of princes of the Church, for the sake both of pecu- niary advantage and of material power, and for the sake of what is the most exquisite and delicate refinement, that of scoffing at God chhristendom the New Testament, and being credited with zeal and fervor for spreading the doctrine.

Is this the truth? The presentation address by Dean Tryde, a thing of naught, is distinguished by the fact that, as if it were something, a footnote remarks, “The author feels called upon to declare that naught has been omitted, naught has been changed.

Søren Kierkegaard, Attack Upon Christendom – PhilPapers

Indeed the punishment is cruelly devised; it is so cruel that I counsel the women to have their smelling salts at hand in order not to faint when they hear it.

If I had not used it till now, or if it had never before been used in the world, I should have felt compelled to invent something of the sort when I was translating the Instant. I am delighted to hear from Mr. This work is simply pure fury and rage against establishment Christianity expressed with the sharpest barbs and wit a literary genius is capable of.

Joe rated it really liked it Apr 30, The religious situation in our country is: This was the word I wanted to say.

Bishop Martensen attaco that I have identified the witness to the truth with the blood-witness, and that only thereby am I justified in deny- ing that Bishop Mynster was a witness to the truth.

A RESULT 49 A German author has said that christensom most honest class in the com- munity are the shopkeepers, because they say plainly that it is profit they are after. For when the king is a Christian, then the group of mighty kirrkegaard who are his associates follow him at once and hence in the case of a king who is a Christian it is so ominous that no transition to being a Christian is effected which is much more than a change of costumeand when the king and his mighty ones have become Christians, or are so called, then more and more follow and hence in the case of a king who is a Christian it is so ominous that the whole thing becomes a change which yet is no kierkegaaedand then when the whole nation has become Christian, then behold there- fore why it is so important that the king is a Christian!


A protest must be made, and the blow tatack the provocation given should fall upon the head — and when the article came out Professor Martensen had long been the head.

They were translated into German early in the twentieth century and have had an enormous influence since kpon, on both Christian theology and the existentialist tradition in philosophy.

With regard to Bishop Mynster’s death. What must be done. In this way the case must be stated: The fact is that in works under my own name or that of pseudonyms I have treated and described fundamentally, as I always do, the various stages through which I passed before reaching the point where I now am.

There is nothing in the Attack which cannot be matched by many entries in the Journals which were written after I take occasion to remark that, although as a translator of S.

Attack upon Christendom by Søren Kierkegaard

As soon as we as- sume that we may venture to give the matter this turn, Christianity is eo ipso done away with, and the priest’s oath. But I know very well kieriegaard most people read, how thoughtlessly, and that therefore, if I wanted to do so and that I did for several reasons, “also out of filial piety towards a deceased father”by inserting a atack compliment to him there was the charmant possibility of making most people believe that we were in agreement, so that my activity consequently had the effect of enhancing his prestige in the eyes of most people, and every sort of disturbance, scene, catastrophe, situations which were so dis- tasteful to the old man, were happily avoided.

And that they are not witnesses to the truth is now, by evidence close at hand, made visible to anyone who is willing to see.

Why not when the second edition of Training in Christianity was published?

For the instant I die and so leave this world so I understand it I shall in the very same second so frightfully fast it goes! But one thing I will not do, not for anything in the world.

Csaba rated it liked it Jun 14, The only answer is that when he was “working in the instant” the weapons must be short as well as sharp. But it is true that sermons should not be preached in churches.