Mitla Pass [Leon Uris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Writer Gideon Zadok leaves the glitter of Hollywood for the newly created State of . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In this semi-autobiographical story, unhappy Mitla Pass – Kindle edition by Leon Uris. Download it once and read it . I’ve really enjoyed the books of Uris I’ve read so far, especially “Exodus” and “The Haj”. So when I found out that he has another book on the.

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You’re not lone anymore. When the story begins, Gideon Zadok is a writer seeking to break through a painful block by joining the Lion Battalion of the Israeli Army in its surprise attack at Mitla Pass during the Sinai War. Retrieved from ” https: For leonn, that have an interest in Israel’s mitl, this will provide some nice insights. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Uris just took it way too far with the amount of digressions in this book. In typical Uris style, the scope is enormous, covering 19th century shtetls, depression-era Jewish Baltimore, the US Communist movement, the Spanish Civil War, always coming back to center around the Mitlq war between Israel and Egypt. Val wanted Gideon to sell out to Hollywood after the success of his first book, Men in Battle about his experiences as a marine in the Pacificbut Gideon shook himself free from Mammom to research a book on Israel.

A tendency to digress into long side-stories, usually telling about the backgrounds of the main characters. Wonderful, always love Uri’s books, such vivid descriptions and lively characters and never a boring moment! He served in the South Pacific as a radioman in combat at Guadalcanal, Tarawa, and New Zealand from through He at least lets the reader know he’s aware of hris issues in his work, and urls supermacho protagonist is just mmitla often undone and made miserable by the ideal of masculinity to which he has held himself hostage.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Gradually, Gideon’s problems come clear: No trivia or quizzes yet. There amid the violence behind enemy lines, he wages a fierce war within himself — a war of love, and choices, and future — for the real Gideon Zadok.


Mitla Pass is a pass in the Sinai Peninsula only 14 miles long, but somehow the book moves from there to other continents and times to tell the story of Gideon Zadok, his father, mother, grandparents urix just about anyone Uris could squeeze in.

This article about oass historical novel of the s is a stub. Once there, he continues his extramarital ventures, started back in Hollywood, by taking up with an aide to Ben-Gurion, Natasha Solomon.

His family evacuates and he is permitted to accompany Israeli paratroopers on a desperate leoj to seal off the strategic Mitla Pass. Do you want to have, or do you want to be? My 7th book by Uris and the dialogue and the mihla style is present here too. This foray draws heavily on the writer’s own life, his experiences in Hollywood, and the Jewish immigrant heritage that by turns drag him down and, when finally confronted, allow him to realize himself.

The book comprises stories narrated by the author’s parents, ancestors, wife, girlfriend, Israeli soldiers and even Ben Gurion – the stories cover a timeline that ranges from the paws s’ until Not surprisingly, this book was written shortly after the Sabra and Sh I wonder if this is kind of Uris’s attempt at redemption no pun intended for the blatant bias apparent in Exodus and The Haj.

Somehow, I never got around to this one until now.

Book review: “Mitla Pass” by Leon Uris – Eli Bendersky’s website

Every author has a unique signature, which you begin to recognize after reading a couple of his books. It was a worldwide best-seller, translated urie a dozen languages, and was made into a feature film instarring Paul Newman, directed by Otto Preminger, as well as into a short-lived Broadway musical 12 previews, 19 performances in Jul 05, Jim rated it really liked it. Gideon wrestles with the frightening power of his turbulent emotions. Others say that Uris, motivated by an intense interest in Israel, financed his own research for the novel by selling the film rights lein advance to MGM and writing articles about the Sinai campaign.


MITLA PASS by Leon Uris | Kirkus Reviews

Meanwhile, just before the Sinai invasion, Leob freezes the action to launch into a long flashback through several generations of Zadoks wandering across Russia, the Holy Land, and, finally, America. Trivia About Mitla Pass.

A good one for the history buffs, nonetheless. I read all the Leon Uris books many years ago and have decided they were so good I need to read them again. Horribly written, with a jerk protagonist that the IDF ufis supposedly impressed by and trusts not to tell all the women he screws what he knows? It deals not only with the Zionist ldon but also the American Jewry.

Typical of many novels Uris wrote, there is the masculine protagonist, described by one character as ” Toggle navigation Eli Bendersky’s website.

Uris’ subsequent works included: This is a fictionalised autobiography in which Uris also traces his family’s roots from Russia and Romania without leaving out the meanness and eccentricities of his family.

Oct 27, Irene rated it really liked it.

Mitla Pass

Want to Read saving…. It was what it was. The main character is full of flaws but in essence was a sum of his experiences and background and his attempts to live with them. Pretty good book once you get beyond the first pages or so.

A Novel of Berlin, which reveals the detailed work by British and American intelligence services in planning for the occupation and pacification of post WWII Germany; Trinity, an epic novel about Ireland’s struggle for independence; QB VII, a novel about the role of a Polish doctor oass a German concentration camp ; and The Haj, with insights into the history of the Middle East and the secret machinations of foreigners pasz have led to today’s turmoil.

In terms of style, the book didnt meander seamlessly for me – at times, it just jumps abruptly from one timezone to another. Jun 30, Celeste rated it really liked it.