: Magebound (Volume 1) (): Katica Locke: Books. Magebound and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Magebound by Katica Locke. Lark, an abused slave, and Lord Sactaren, a powerful mage, discover magic, adventure and steamy, smoldering romance in this. Magebound by Katica Locke: Chapter One. By: Katica Locke. Teaser — Lark is a slave, now the property of the enigmatic Traxen Mage.

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Aug 18, PaperMoon rated it it was ok Shelves: He pushes back his hood and scowls at me. Google Books — Loading I’ve seen that look many times, and worn it occasionally, so I can’t blame them.

I quite enjoyed reading this as it’s an easy book to get through. When even a spider appears and start to talk I could not believe! The auctioneer is a fat man with a big nose, one of those fat, red noses that looks like it hurts katixa the time, not like mine, which is just too large for my face.

Spellwrought (Magebound, #2) by Katica Locke

It’s just a rotting wooden platform in a field of mud and yellow grass, with us slaves corralled off to one side. One minute he’s magbeound sleazy and the next he’s angry.

I don’t have time to worry about it, though — I’m up next. I glance up at the castle.


It clinks like money and several gold coins spill out. There was some closure, but questions were also left unanswered and a new character introduced that needs more. My father and I were loaded onto one wagon, my mother and sister on another. Magical aktica unicorns, vampire stallion, shapeshifter, talking animals, salamander, etcpotions nothing fancy like Snape’sanother planets, and the colorful semen of mages.


Whitney rated it liked it May 21, Maybe the first book with salamander on the cover is an old edition, the unedited or maybe it’s actually the new and edited version? Magebound Book 1 Members. Lists with This Book. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It turned out to be a lovely gem that I enjoyed greatly. Now it’s just dirt and gravel rising up beside me, and beyond the unicorn, it looks like the ground just drops away.

He grabs a handful of the unicorn’s mane and I help him up into the saddle, drawing a sharp breath between my teeth as the pain cuts through me. Not a surprise after being brutalized and raped for 13 years since he was eight.

I hesitate a moment, wondering if that means I’m dismissed. The auctioneer steps away from me and I turn around. The biggest thing about the book that made me want to tear my hair out is how self-contradictory and passive-aggressive both main characters are. Said I looked at his daughter funny. And he looks none the worse for wear, as far as I can tell. He hasn’t said a word to me, and I’m not much of a talker anyway, even when I can breathe, so the journey is a silent one.

Nothing inspires me like fantasy, be it dragons or vampires, faeries or demons. Even when writing about faeries or demons or fantasy cultures, the needs are universal. I grew up and still live in Oregon, in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Want to Read saving…. Again, the book fails at that. I wanted him to want to be free and make himself into something strong so I feel so lucky to have chosen this book. Nice ones leave some slack. I’ve been waiting for this to be released in digital format for years, due to it’s high rating, but I was extremely disappointed once I got my hands on it.


Other books in the series. Same but different, some events were either omitted or added in these two books, like Rayne and Khas’ parts.

Magebound Series by Katica Locke

That idea could be a lockr scene, a theme, a character, a bit of dialogue, or a setting. Draupnir rated it liked it Aug 22, His eyes are a dark, glittery gold, and his tail is full and bushy, tipped with white, very much like a fox. The first was that so many characters were randomly introduced into the book without any real plot surrounding them.

I’d like to say that the relationship between the protagonists is this book’s redeeming quality, but it’s not. The characters are complex, and interesting, and the plot might feel slow moving to some, but considering how deeply damaged the people involved are I think anything else would feel unnatural, or even abusive to me.